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Wildfire Risks and Tips

April 19, 2012

Ongoing drought increases the risk of fires, particularly in wooded areas, and the potential for widespread fires has become a concern for much of the Northeast this Spring.  The ground is especially dry after a nearly-snowless winter, and low humidity and high winds can encourage a flame to quickly become an inferno. State officials in Massachusetts have gone so far as to ban the burning of brush due to the high risk.  Check your local news for updates about Red Flag Warning days during which there is a significantly elevated chance of wildfires. If your property is located near a wooded area, take an afternoon to clear as much dry and dead plant matter from the ground and branches as possible.  No matter the wind conditions or humidity, dry vegetation is extremely flammable.  Removing it from wooded areas will decrease the amount of burnable matter that could fuel an out-of-control fire. If you experience a fire on or near your property, call your local fire department immediately.  Take the upmost care if you make an attempt to extinguish the fire while authorities are on their way as one can easily become trapped in a rapidly-moving blaze.  After the fire is extinguished, watch to make sure none of the smoldering ashes catch a breeze and start another fire. If any part of your building is damaged by fire or the water used to extinguish a fire, call ServiceMaster by Gilmore to ensure it is quickly and thoroughly restored!

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