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Water Damage Do’s & Don’ts

December 28, 2015

TEAM SRMTips from the SRM Team


Ensure the safety of your building occupants.

Call emergency personnel as needed.

Try to remove standing water.

Notify insurance carrier of loss.

Stop the source of water if possible.

Document damage by taking photos.

Establish a means of communication with building occupants.

Caution off damaged areas for safety and property protection.

Keep a building plan ready for emergency responders.

Communicate your concerns to service providers.



Turn up the heat to dry areas.

Dispose of damaged items until documented and authorized by insurance.

Allow anyone into an evacuated building.

Take on more than you are qualified to handle.

Enter unstable areas where damage could be hazardous.

Allow power to remain on in affected areas.

Leave any areas unsurveyed on property as recommended.

Wait to call professional service providers.

Leave furnishings unprotected that can absorb moisture.

Be uninformed of the dangerous materials your property may possess.


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