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Thunderstorm Safety Tips

August 16, 2016

Thunderstorms are most common during the summer due to high humidity and warm temperatures. A severe thunderstorm can trigger flash flooding, hail and other dangerous weather that can cause crippling damage to your property. Property Casualty 360 suggests having a plan in place to save your business from any weather threat.


The pros at ServiceMaster by Gilmore want you to be safe and create an emergency preparedness plan before the storm hits. Here are some tips to make the cleaning up easier.

Do your research. Floods can occur during the storm and after. Pay attention to weather warnings and know the risks. Have a designated shelter during a storm and stay indoors for 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard. Lightning can strike from 10 miles away. If there is any damage, know who you are going to call for the best clean up service.

Know your surroundings. Check potential hazards around your business, such as harmful chemicals or loose appliances. Moving them or securing them can prevent property damage, bodily injuries, and environmental hazards. Keep away from windows and doors and all water sources – lightning can travel through plumbing.

Know your insurance policies. Have your broker and insurance company contact information on hand and if you sustain damage provide them with as much detailed information as possible. Photograph, video and document property damage to help make the claims process run smoothly.

Keep track of your records. Keep all receipts including tarps, boards, and cleaning supplies. Make sure you have hard copies because computers and other electrical equipment can be harmed during a lightning strike.

Call right away. By calling immediately, the damages are quickly stabilized, reduced or prevented.

After a thunderstorm, if you have any water or fire damage to your home or business, give ServiceMaster by Gilmore a call and we will get you back to preloss condition in no time! We are one of the largest ServiceMaster businesses specializing in disaster restoration in the United States. Our quality of work sets us apart from the rest along with our helpful, loyal staff and immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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