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Keep Safe in High Winds

April 04, 2012

High winds can bring down trees and powers lines and whip unsecured objects through the air, so it is important to know how to protect yourself in the event that these gusts produce a dangerous situation. How to protect yourself and your property when you encounter strong winds… OUTSIDE

  • Take cover next to a building a safe distance away from roads and train tracks to decrease your chances of a gust pushing you into the path of an oncoming vehicle
  • When seeking shelter, use a handrail when possible and remain aware of any flying debris
  • Avoid walking directly beneath trees that could have cracked or broken limbs
  • Contact police and your local utility company to inform them of the location of any downed power lines
  • Avoid any object that may be in physical contact with downed power lines


  • If a downed power line falls on your vehicle, stay inside the vehicle and avoid touching the metal frame
  • Do not attempt to get out of your vehicle until help arrives unless your vehicle catches fire
  • If your vehicle catches fire, open your door and jump to safety, avoiding any metal on the vehicle


  • Keep doors and windows closed and locked
  • Keep away from windows as they could be shattered by airborne debris or blown from their frames in cases of extreme winds
  • Keep away from any lightweight doors or screens
  • Remain indoors

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