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Take Care When Using Lithium-ion Batteries

April 26, 2016

A lithium-ion battery or a li-ion, is a small rechargeable battery that is used to power personal devices like laptops, smartphone, tablets and most recently the Hoverboard.

These batteries make gadgets lightweight, allow for a smaller, thinner design and hold a charge for a long period of time. Portable and pocket sized, they are utilized every day for work, school and home, which means they have to be recharged and this is where you can run into problems. Sometimes internal faults can cause a short circuit resulting in the device overheating and even catching fire.

ABC News reports over 40 cases of Hoverboard fires since the 2015 debut. This is because some Hoverboards don’t have the same safety standards as cell phones and other lit-ion devices. Batteries and chargers are sometimes sold and certified individually, meaning they may not be compatible with the device they are being used for. Some manufacturers are cutting corners in order to meet the high demand and selling these uncertified accessories at a low price, making them attractive to customers. Wehen they are used in your devices, there is a higher chance for any lithium batteries to short circuit and catch fire.

Safety Tips for Using Lithium-ion Batteries

– Avoid Excessive charging. This will reduce the chemical reactivity in the device and prolong the life of your battery. Let the battery run out of power before charging and unplug when it’s finished.

– Keep your device out of direct sun and make sure there is proper ventilation when using and charging.

– Use the appropriate, certified accessories for your device. Buying a cheap or replacement battery has the potential to be incompatible with your device, increasing your risk of an electrical fire.

– Charge laptop computers and phones on noncombustible surfaces, don’t charge them on bedding and other soft materials.


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