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24 Jan

Carbon Monoxide: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and highly toxic gas capable of killing before it is ever detected by human senses.  More than 150 people die every year in the United States from carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty, improperly-used or incorrectly-vented fuel-burning appliances, such as stoves, furnaces and water heaters. The United States Fire Administration […]

12 Dec

Simple Solutions for Ice Dams

An ice dam occurs when water builds up behind snow or ice blockages in eaves and gutters.  Inadequate insulation keeps the roof warm, but not the gutters and eaves.  This melts snow and ice from the roof, which drains down and freezes in the gutters and eaves. Snow that melts once the ice has formed cannot drain properly, […]

29 Nov

Dodge the Draft!

Although it has been unusually warm so far this season, cold weather is certainly on its way. Winter weather presents many potential problems for property owners.  It is important to make sure you’re ready before temperatures drop in order to keep energy costs low and your property warm. Prevent property damage and prepare for the chill before […]

01 Nov

Stay Safe Until Power is Restored

Unexpected storms including the early snow of the past weekend have left hundreds of thousands of people without power.  Many are turning to alternative sources of heat and electricity. This article from details safety measures to take when dealing with a loss of electricity, as well as important information about portable generators, electrical hazards […]

25 Aug

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that consist of strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning storms.  Follow these tips to prepare your home or business to weather the storm. Stay Informed: Listen to a battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio, regular radio, or tele­vision for updated infor­mation.If the elec­tricity should go out, you will still be able to receive […]

01 Jun

What to Do During a Tornado WATCH OR WARNING

Listen to a battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio, regular radio, or television for updated information. If the electricity should go out, you will still be able to receive emergency information. If you are inside, go to your safe place to protect yourself from glass and other flying objects. Tornadoes can change direction, intensity, and speed very […]

01 Jan

Preventing Ice Dams

An Ice Dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the end of the roof often in the gutters. It blocks melted snow (water) from running off the roof. The water sits under the top layer of snow behind the ice dam and can back up under the shingles into the building. How do […]

01 Dec

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Do you know that you can take steps to prevent your pipes from freezing? Here are some easy to follow tips that can make a big difference when the thermometer drops…

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