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20 Feb

Ice Dam Do and Don'ts

Ice dams are ridges of solid ice that form along the gutters and eaves of buildings.  They have the potential to loosen or tear off gutters and shingles and cause water intrusions in the structure. Contractors are backed up due to the number of calls for help which means you will need to take steps […]

08 May

Groundwater Damage – Little Known Facts

 Avoid salvaging carpet or pad that has been affected by groundwater Groundwater is considered a Category 3 by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Category 3 Water – “That which is highly contaminated and could cause serious illness if consumed by humans. Examples: sewage, rising flood water from rivers and streams, ground surface […]

08 Nov

Preventing Kitchen & Candle Fires This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming…and that means home cooked meals and festive decorations.  It can also mean cooking related kitchen fires and mishaps from decorative candles.  Stay safe during and after the holidays by taking some simple precautions. PREVENTING KITCHEN FIRES According to the National Fire Protection Association two out of five fires at home start […]

30 Aug


WHAT IS A PUFFBACK? Most of us have never heard of a puff back.  A puff back occurs when an oil burner backfires sending soot throughout your home or business.   It can happen all at once, (like a balloon popping), or more slowly, (as if someone was holding the end of a balloon and letting […]

02 Jul


  Summer is Barbeque season.  The Insurance Information Institute reports backyard barbeques are responsible for as many as 2000 fires and 3 deaths annually.  Before you fire up the grill, take a few minutes to insure that your grilling experience is a safe and happy one. Gas Grills Make sure hoses are firmly attached & […]

15 Apr


 Laptop fires threaten public safety and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage each year.  In today’s mobile society, laptops are no longer just for students.  They are everywhere, with a high concentration in single family homes, multi-unit housing and academic institutions.  We use our computers for everything and have become comfortable working, […]

10 Aug

Effective Disaster Planning Tips

What would you do if disaster struck your building?  Are you prepared? Facility, property, operations and maintenance professionals know that in property management, it’s a matter of when, not if, things happen. When fire, water, mold or bio-recovery damage affects your property from natural or man-made sources, your residents look to you to make decisions. […]

09 May

Flash Flooding 101

Flash flooding, defined as heavy rains falling over short periods of time, can occur with little warning and quickly devastate both commercial and residential property.  It is among the most frequent and costly type of natural disaster in the United States. Soil moisture conditions are used to determine the amount of rainfall necessary to cause […]

19 Apr

Wildfire Risks and Tips

Ongoing drought increases the risk of fires, particularly in wooded areas, and the potential for widespread fires has become a concern for much of the Northeast this Spring.  The ground is especially dry after a nearly-snowless winter, and low humidity and high winds can encourage a flame to quickly become an inferno. State officials in […]

04 Apr

Keep Safe in High Winds

High winds can bring down trees and powers lines and whip unsecured objects through the air, so it is important to know how to protect yourself in the event that these gusts produce a dangerous situation. How to protect yourself and your property when you encounter strong winds… OUTSIDE Take cover next to a building […]

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