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27 Jan

Data Privacy Tips

Data privacy breaches can be a serious problem for any business. Sensitive, confidential data about your clients, company and personal information can be exposed and fall into the wrong hands. Hackers target all types of databases including healthcare facilities, websites, government operations and more to steal encrypted information. January, 28th is Data Privacy Day. In order […]

04 Oct

#TipTuesday Smoke Alarm Safety

The National Fire Protection Association is celebrating Fire Prevention Week this October to ensure the safety of your home and business. The theme for this week is “Don’t wait, check the date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years!” In collaboration with the NFPA, ServiceMaster by Gilmore is sharing their tips on how to keep you […]

06 Sep

Back to School #TipTuesday

Summer is over and the kids are back in school! This means an increased use of laptop, notebooks and papers. It’s easy to leave laptops on and running to pick up when where you left off but this can be very dangerous for your home, dorm room or office. Laptops have a vent that circulates […]

16 Aug

Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Thunderstorms are most common during the summer due to high humidity and warm temperatures. A severe thunderstorm can trigger flash flooding, hail and other dangerous weather that can cause crippling damage to your property. Property Casualty 360 suggests having a plan in place to save your business from any weather threat. The pros at ServiceMaster […]

01 Jun

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention tips from ServiceMaster by Gilmore

26 Apr

Take Care When Using Lithium-ion Batteries

We use lithium-ion batteries everyday in our rechargeable devices but did you know how dangerous they can be?

28 Dec

Water Damage Do’s & Don’ts

Tips from the SRM Team DO  Ensure the safety of your building occupants. Call emergency personnel as needed. Try to remove standing water. Notify insurance carrier of loss. Stop the source of water if possible. Document damage by taking photos. Establish a means of communication with building occupants. Caution off damaged areas for safety and […]

20 Feb

Ice Dam Do and Don'ts

Ice dams are ridges of solid ice that form along the gutters and eaves of buildings.  They have the potential to loosen or tear off gutters and shingles and cause water intrusions in the structure. Contractors are backed up due to the number of calls for help which means you will need to take steps […]

08 May

Groundwater Damage – Little Known Facts

 Avoid salvaging carpet or pad that has been affected by groundwater Groundwater is considered a Category 3 by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Category 3 Water – “That which is highly contaminated and could cause serious illness if consumed by humans. Examples: sewage, rising flood water from rivers and streams, ground surface […]

08 Nov

Preventing Kitchen & Candle Fires This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming…and that means home cooked meals and festive decorations.  It can also mean cooking related kitchen fires and mishaps from decorative candles.  Stay safe during and after the holidays by taking some simple precautions. PREVENTING KITCHEN FIRES According to the National Fire Protection Association two out of five fires at home start […]

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