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March 09, 2017

This Month at ServiceMaster by Gilmore:

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“As a property manager who handles a million square feet of downtown office space, I am marketed by a lot of restoration companies with offers of dinner and sports tickets. While those are a nice way to build relationships, what if comes down to is who I can trust to get the job done right…and that is Gilmore, thank you. “

– Commercial Property Manager


“Your project manager, Joe Woods, is knowledgeable, very professional and accurate. His documentation is incredible and the scope your company provides is fair and accurate. Thank you for providing services all the way in New Hampshire for me!”

– Insurance Adjuster


“We had an enormous amount of damage and my concern for staff (5 of whom are pregnant) and students (we are a PK-2 school of 500 students) was difficult to manage. I truly cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Joe Venuti’s patience with me and his willingness to break down any technical information to a point where I understood it. I admire his depth of knowledge, concern for us and his crew, and ability to multi-task and manage so many folks and vendors.”


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