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Happy Father’s Day from ServiceMaster by Gilmore

June 17, 2016

Forty four years ago, in a small town called Readville, Massachusetts, Robert Gilmore had no idea that his 3 sons, Steve, Bob, and Mike would build his small business into one of the largest franchises in the country.

4 gilmore gen

4 Generations of Gilmore Guys!

With 7 children and a stay at home wife to support, Mr. Gilmore began ‘ServiceMaster of Framingham’ as a carpet and upholstery cleaning company. He started the business with a resilient work ethic and a strong belief that, “the customer is always right and never wrong”. There was no job too small for a man and his 3 sons and their one truck.

Steven Gilmore started working for his father at the age of 15, which is where he learned to go above and beyond to serve the customer. Steven remembers one job that encompasses what ServiceMaster by Gilmore is today; “We were cleaning a carpet in the bedroom of a house. My dad made me pull out the dresser and wash the wall behind it, the back of the dresser and the carpet. I always asked him why and he said, ‘How many opportunities does the customer get to clean back there? We’re here, we can do it.’ and that same work ethic has stuck with me to this day. ”

Robert Gilmore earned a trusted reputation by serving the local community as best he could. He taught his sons to always respect the customer and serve them in the best way they could. He was strict on the “no cursing on a job” rule and ensured that each job was done correctly and thoroughly.

In 1981, his three sons took over the business and the values that Robert Gilmore instilled have transcended to the company today. ServiceMaster by Gilmore continues to uphold the high expectations for their quality of work and still teaches the values Robert Gilmore taught his sons many years ago.

Thank you dad for all you have done for me through the years. Without you guidance, leadership and support, I would not be where I am today. Love you dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

-Steven Gilmore

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