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Before Shots Are Fired

November 14, 2016

The FBI defines an active shooter situation as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area”. In 2015, 372 mass shootings were reported in the US, killing 475 people. Over in just minutes, most mass shootings occur in businesses and schools with the number of occurrences rising.

To proactively confront this issue, ServiceMaster by Gilmore, CNA Insurance, and Telamon Insurance & Financial Network hosted a seminar focused on disaster planning, threat assessment and effective ways of reacting to an active shooter situation.


The discussion was led by Sergeant Dan Perenick of the Winchester Police Department and Captain Rick Tustin of the Winchester Fire Department, each with over 30 years of public safety service. As co-chairs on the Winchester Public School District’s Incident Management Team they have provided all hazard planning and training to the entire school district as well as organizations throughout the country since 2000.


The audience of over 200 attendees from numerous public and private industries walked away with knowledge in safety procedures as well as the importance of a written disaster plan that is reviewed, practiced and updated. The seminar focused on creating an effective emergency plan to be prepared for any incident, and how to react should an incident occur. Heavy emphasis was placed on “Run, Hide, Fight” to protect oneself against an intruder as well as the importance of awareness, “See Something, Say Something”.

To complete the training, further instruction was given on what to do when law enforcement arrives and how to cope after an event, followed by a Q & A session. Thank you to our speakers, Sergeant Perenick and Captain Tustin for their continued dedication for our safety and for sharing their knowledge.

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